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The following products are currently in the late stages of development and should be ready for beta testing in the near future. Our beta program puts new products into actual performance situations allowing us to work out the bugs and tweak the products performance.The testers get to use new and advanced technologies in their productions at a rental cost far below list and often have the opportunity to purchase the test products at cost (These units are generally fully functional units which have had changes or adaptations made on site during the de-bugging process)

Programmable Moving Head Fountain:

  1. 40 Heads
  2. Full x/y position control - each head
  3. Variable height control - programmable
  4. "Jumping Jets" feature built in
  5. Jets can move while they are on
  6. Runs from any DMX console
  7. Built in dimmers & lights
  8. You supply power, water & dmx
  9. Expansion tanks enlarge the display area
    1. All heads, pumps, tank, valves, lights and dimmers are built into road case style unit. To enlarge display add expansion tanks to catch the water and return it to main system.
  10. Designed to set and strike quickly



New Products

For more information on our new products or our test site program contact us at:

Sketch-Lite Productions
phone: (330) 329-3970